Sena Intercoms: the 10 Best Sena Motorcycle Intercoms

    Best Sena Motorcycle Intercoms

    Sena Intercoms

    Sena Technologies has been developing solutions for Bluetooth communications since 1998.

    This California-based company makes design and innovation some of its cornerstones.

    Less known in Italy compared to its competitors, it sports many innovative and ambitious devices in its product portfolio, including Smart Helmet (i.e., helmets with integrated Bluetooth intercom for both bikes and motorcycles), compact video cameras for riders who do not want to miss a single moment of their ride, and state-of-the-art wireless communication systems for the most demanding riders.

    Let’s have a look at 10 Sena’s motorcycle intercoms, and find out which one might be the best for you.

    Sena’s 10 best motorcycle intercoms

    Low-end intercoms

    Intercom Sena 3s

    Sena 3S is the first entry-level from the California-based company.

    It has everything needed to meet the primary needs of a rider, manages incoming and outgoing calls, receives directions when connected to a navigation system, allows music playback and control, and has a range in intercom mode of about 200 m.

    It could be the ideal intercom for the city or while riding a moped.

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    Sena Intercom SMH5 and SMH5 FM

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    Same design and a few differences in functions.

    Both are ideal for one-to-one communications between up to 2 users, allowing you to communicate with the intercoms of other brands.

    They allow you to share music with your traveling companion and get directions from your navigation system.

    Noise suppression is provided in both models while they differ in range:

    • 400m for the SMH5 version
    • 700m for the SMH5-FM version

    In addition, this latest version supports radio reception.

    They are the quintessential entry-level products of the Sena house.

    Mid-range intercoms

    Intercom Sena SMH10R

    As defined by the company, it is one of the most compact low-profile devices on the market, trying to affect aerodynamics and weight on the helmet as little as possible.

    With Sena SMH10R you can manage calls, listen and share music, connect your GPS, and communicate with up to 4 people, within a 900m radius.

    It’s your best option if you’re looking for a discreet intercom that can blend your helmet, but want to keep all the features you’d expect from a Sena intercom.

    Intercom Sena SMH10

    Sena SMH10 is an SMH10R that didn’t go on a diet: it has a less minimalist design and therefore is bulkier, heavier, and flashier, but it offers the same features.

    It also boasts a few more hours of battery life compared to its cooler sibling (12 hours vs. 10 hours).

    We recommend it if you look at the price and don’t need to have a cool device to show at the café.

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    Intercom Sena 10R

    Sena 10R, almost identical in design to the SMH10R, allows you, in addition to all the latter’s features, the option to listen to the radio and manage your device remotely using Bluetooth technology.

    The remote handlebar control allows you never to take your hands off the grips: even in the most frantic moments of your riding, you can manage the various functions of your 10R in complete comfort and safety.

    Intercom Sena 10S

    The evolution of the SMH10 model, both in design and functionality.

    10S allows you, with Bluetooth 4.1 technology, to communicate:

    • with 4 fellow travelers
    • in conference mode
    • up to a radius of 1.6 km
    • with non-Sena devices

    Suppress background noise control with Advance Noise Control and improve audio quality with the new Crystal-clear HD audio earbuds.

    You will also be able to pair your device with others from the California-based company (such as video cameras to record audio along with the footage) and manage your device through the Sena app.

    It is ideal for you if you want a greater range of communications and if you are interested in recording your voice while making a video of your trip.

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    High-end intercoms

    Intercom Sena 20S EVO

    Sena 20S EVO revolutionizes the design over the 10S model and adds 3 major functionality improvements:

    1. The option to communicate in conference mode for up to 8 people within a maximum radius of 2 km
    2. multitasking audio technology that allows you to listen to your music or directions from your GPS while talking to another user, without interrupting any of the three communications.
    3. It also has a better battery life, about 13 hours.

    The new fixed antenna integrated with the body of the 20S EVO gives you more stability in communications.

    We recommend this Sena intercom if you often travel with a large company; its price is not the most affordable, but in terms of construction quality, features, and design, this intercom is one of the best performing and most versatile on the market.

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    Intercom Sena 30K

    Sena 30K is the U.S. company‘s top-of-the-line model, the most advanced in terms of performance and functionality.

    Sena 30K introduces the new Mesh 2.0 technology, which allows you to communicate with your fellow travelers in a revolutionary way.

    When one of your traveling companions leaves the network because they go out of range, the other users stay connected. The moment the riders re-enter the range, communication is automatically re-established.

    In Private mode, you can communicate with as many as 16 users within a maximum radius of 2km. At the same time, Mash technology smartly keeps all riders within a maximum radius of 8km connected.

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    Sena 50R

    Thanks to several upgrades in both software and hardware, the new Sena 50S and 50R devices have entered the world of motorcycle intercoms with impetuousness.

    Both feature two important new features: HD speakers and the new Mesh 2.0 software, which gives users a significantly more stable platform for communicating in intercom mode.

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