Cardo SmartPack: Review, Audio Test, and How To Mount It

    If you often travel in large groups, and you’re looking for a motorcycle intercom that will keep you in constant communication with your fellow travelers, you’ve just found on the right article.

    Today we will tell you about Cardo SmartPack, one of the best Cardo intercoms.

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    Cardo SmartPack: Full Review

    The Smartpack intercom is one of Cardo’s top-of-the-line devices. It is, in fact, far superior to its little siblings, Freecom 1, Freecom 2, and Freecom 4, and slightly inferior feature-wise to the top-of-the-line Cardo PackTalk.

    Let’s take a look at its features and all the pros and cons.

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    Why Choose Cardo SmartPack

    The Cardo SmartPack intercom is one of the best devices from Cardo; it is very similar to PackTalk but will allow you to communicate differently with your biker friends.

    SmartPack allows you to communicate with up to 4 people within a 5km range (a very long distance).

    You can control your intercom in three ways, namely:

    • the smartphone app (very user-friendly)
    • The buttons on the device (including the easy-to-use roller-wheel)
    • voice commands

    SmartPack is waterproof and dustproof (it has IP67 certification), a key feature if you are a motorcyclist who is not afraid to ride in the rain, and the design is very sleek.

    You can install it on any helmet: jet, full-face, or modular.

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    What you will find in the box

    Inside the (lovely) packaging of Cardo SmartPack you will find:

    • Cardo SmartPack Intercom
    • Earphones (already set up with Velcro)
    • Headband microphones
    • Microphones for full-face helmets
    • Spacers (all types) with Velcro
    • Mounting accessories
    • Sleds
    • Adhesive Headers
    • Battery charger
    • Owner’s manual in Italian

    Range of action

    Unlike most motorcycle intercoms with a maximum range of 1.5km, Smartpack is equipped with DMC technology, a feature that provides a 5km max range.

    The DMC feature allows a “group leader” rider to create a group of companions to communicate with during their ride.

    When a user moves away from the 5km (perhaps because he stops to refuel their bike), they will leave the group and disconnect, but no worries! As soon as they return within range, their intercom will automatically reconnect.


    SmartPack boasts excellent sound quality (thanks to HD stereo earbuds), and AGC technology (a function that allows automatic volume adjustment depending on external noise) will ensure that you always have crystal-clear communication, even at high speeds.

    However, as with any intercom, it is worth remembering the type and level of soundproofing of your helmet constitute a significant factor. Still, up to 90km/h, the audio quality of the intercom remains excellent.

    It is equipped with a “parallel streaming audio” feature, thanks to which you can talk while listening to your satnav directions or music.

    Battery life

    SmartPack‘s battery life has been increased to 13 hours in intercom mode (virtually about a full day’s ride) and one week on standby.

    Main features and functions

    • Audio quality: good up to 130 km/h
    • Communication distance: 5km
    • Number of connected users: up to 4
    • Communication type: phone and intercom between rider-passenger or rider-rider
    • Battery life: up to 13h talk time, up to 1000h standby time
    • Charging time: 3 hours
    • A2DP/AVRCP: yes
    • Song Sharing: yes
    • Automatic volume adjustment: yes
    • VOX technology: yes
    • App for iOS and Android: yes
    • Waterproof: yes (IP67 certification)

    Pros and Cons


    • autonomy (up to 13h)
    • voice commands
    • option to communicate with up to 4 passengers
    • DMC communication system
    • 5km range
    • option to simultaneously communicate and listen to music


    • Slightly pricey but in line with the quality of the intercom

    To whom it is addressed

    Given its characteristics, Cardo SmartPack is ideal for those taking long trips together with a small group of riders (up to 4 users).

    Its price is relatively high but in line with Cardo products’ quality and reliability.

    So like its younger brother Freecom 4, SmartPack would be somewhat “wasted” for exclusively urban use because it has features ideal for traveling in a group (maximum 4 riders).

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    Cardo SmartPack: instructions

    You will be able to install Cardo SmartPack with ease on jet, modular, or full-face helmets, just follow the instructions below:

    How to mount the intercom on a helmet

    In this video, you will find out how to install SmartPack on your helmet.

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