Cardo Spirit: Full Review with Opinions and Prices

    Cardo Spirit

    Cardo Spirit is one of the most powerful intercoms online, perfect for those who love to travel and stay connected. Bluetooth technology and the best in every respect make this model especially sought after and appreciated by all its users.

    This model guarantees durability and excellent battery life. The latter provides more than 13 hours of continuous use, which is why it is particularly appreciated by those who enjoy long rides.

    Value for money is undoubtedly the most crucial aspect for those looking for quality models for an affordable price.

    Perfect for meeting any need. This intercom allows the rider to stay connected to their passenger, listen to music while traveling, or converse without experiencing too many issues. It is excellent for quiet use and making simple but effective calls.

    Intercom installation

    The first intercom model was launched more than a decade ago, which is why technology has made great strides in meeting the needs of those who like to stay connected. Specifically, the installation of the product is straightforward. After all, only one hook is needed to attach it solidly to the helmet.

    The Cardo Spirit model also mounts perfectly on full-face and jet helmets, thus allowing you to benefit from this device no matter which model you wear.

    You only need to touch one button to connect instantly via Bluetooth to your smartphone. You can answer calls, messages, or any other accessory. One button to stay connected and get the best results you can get no matter what you need. In short, there are so many features, and all of them are more than worthwhile.


    Solid yet compact, the design of the Cardo Spirit intercom is as modern and cutting-edge as its functions.

    This represents one of the best features that the accessory can have and allows you to achieve good results for all kinds of use. Whether riding a motorcycle or a scooter, the model’s functionality is outstanding.

    Practical and elegant, it is a very intuitive model designed for those who like to take long trips and prefer simplicity and convenience to all other features.

    The accessory is equipped with four buttons through which you can achieve excellent results sound-wise. Even with heavy motorcycle gloves, you can easily use the intercom for all kinds of uses. Specifically, you only need to touch them to perform any operation effortlessly.


    One of the pros of the Cardo Spirit model is that it can be connected to other similar devices.

    This feature is particularly sought after by those who do not travel alone but always in pairs.

    Furthermore, you can enjoy a discount if you buy them in pairs – 268€ for the paid, and about 150€ for the single


    However, it is good to know that this model can connect to other models via Bluetooth.

    So it is not mandatory to buy two Cardo Spirit to connect them, but it is sufficient to have only one. In addition, there are no difficulties in purchasing the single model either since it is often subject to various discounts.


    Using the intercom is very simple since you only need to turn on Bluetooth to access the device directly and connect it to your phone.

    The speakers have a clear and powerful sound, making them suitable for listening to music without going overboard. In short, Cardo Spirit boasts many pros, in addition to compactness and functionality, that satisfy customers.

    Regardless of its use, the model offers the best of the best – even just making calls, you can hear its crisp sound even if there is a lot of background noise.

    This virtue of it and its accessibility to all due to its low price make the model a gem that long-time drivers cannot miss. Perfect for those who want the best to travel safely.


    The Cardo Spirit intercom belongs to the mid-price range and meets customers’ needs in every respect. It is a tech gem designed for those who enjoy long motorcycle rides but want to travel safely without disconnecting from their network.

    Simple to install, a hook is all it takes to have everything you need at your fingertips. It is easily installed on any helmet, even by those who have never used this model.

    You can enjoy your music thanks to the audio crispness and the chance to use the best of the best to manage the operating system.

    Great for ensuring that those who use their motorcycles for travel and commuting have a device that allows them to stay connected and answer calls smoothly and safely. The four buttons also allow you to manage your music to your liking.

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