Cellular Line Intercom the 6 Best Motorcycle Intercoms of 2022

    Cellular Line Intercom

    Cellular Line Intercom

    Italian, established in 1990, Cellular Line is now the leading European smartphone and tablet accessories company.

    In recent years, Cellular Line has differentiated its products by approaching new market

    areas such as sports, music, fashion, and motorcycles.

    Today we will focus on the latter, especially on the intercoms produced by this Italian brand.



    The 6 best intercoms for motorcycles by Cellular Line

    Low-end intercoms

    Interphone Urban

    The Cellular Line Urban interphone can be considered the evolution of the F3MC interphone.

    It boasts a substantial redesign of the control unit design, which makes it easier to find the controls even with gloves on, thus increasing ease of use.

    Feature-wise, there are no significant changes other than a better battery life that lasts over 12 hours.

    In the Cellular Line Urban model, the option to listen to the radio and record favorite stations has been implemented.

    Interphone Connect

    The Connect intercom, unveiled at EICMA 2019, is the new entry-level by the Italian manufacturer Cellular Line.

    Like its predecessor Urban, Connect allows communication only with one’s passenger: it has a range of 10m and allows communication only with another user.

    In our opinion, this device is suitable for you if you are looking for better battery life (up to 15 hours) than the Urban model, and better audio quality.

    The option to listen to the radio (and store up to 8 stations), share music with your passenger, and automatic volume control makes it the ultimate entry-level product.

    Mid-range intercoms

    Interphone Sport

    Cellular Line Sport is the worthy successor to the F4MC and predecessor to the newborn Active (which I will discuss in a moment).

    It features a user-friendly design that makes it easier to find its buttons and operate the device more quickly and effectively.

    New features compared to the previous model consist of increased battery life, (now up to about 15 hours of use and 1,000 hours in standby), a new signal processor (DSP), a dedicated smartphone app that allows you to manage the intercom directly from your phone, increased range up to 1000m, the option to save a phone number to a button to call it at any time automatically, and finally – but definitely the most innovative aspect – you can communicate in conference mode up to 4 users, 4 bikes or 2 rider-passenger bikes.

    We recommend Interphone Sport if you want more features than the Cellular Line F4MC: improved battery life, increased range, more users to communicate with, and more user-friendly.

    This intercom has everything you could need for both a long trip and urban use.

    Interphone Active

    Cellular Line’s mid-range intercom released in spring 2019 is Interphone Active.

    It bosts all the features of its younger sibling Sport while improving audio quality (thanks to iQal technology) and battery life (now up to 20 hours).

    Its design is similar to Connect’s and Avant’s (its siblings released in 2019): intuitive, with even larger buttons that are easier to use even with winter gloves.

    Also, on this model, you will find the Anycom features that allows this device to connect with other brands‘ intercoms, music sharing, the radio feature (you can save up to 8 stations), and the navigation system connection function.

    We strongly recommend it for those looking for an intercom ideal for both urban trips and travel. It is not very suitable for those who travel in large groups and wish to communicate with multiple users simultaneously.

    High-end intercoms

    Interphone Tour

    The Tour intercom is one of the flagship products in Cellular Line’s Interphone line.

    Its build quality is excellent, and its design allows you to use it easily and intuitively for a more fulfilling experience.

    Interphone Tour is capable of connecting up to 4 riders within a maximum distance of 1.5 km. It allows users to receive and make calls, listen to and share music, and connect to the navigation system to follow directions.

    Its battery lasts than 20 hours and has a fast charge time thanks to Fast Charge technology.

    The Interphone Cellular Line Tour perfectly combines advanced technology, design, and


    Also, like its smaller siblings, with it, you can listen to music in the background while communicating with your passenger, share calls with your passenger, mute music automatically when there’s an incoming call, and boasts Genius pairing, which allows you to connect 2 or more devices by turning on only one.

    Interphone Avant

    Avant is the new top-of-the-line from the Italian manufacturer Cellular Line.

    We recommend this solution if you are looking for the best from Cellular Line.

    Compared with the Tour, Avant retains virtually all the functions but adds some important features:

    • range of 1.7km
    • Improved sound quality thanks to iQal technology
    • voice commands

    Like its younger sibling, Avant also features audio multitasking (i.e., the ability to listen to music, various communications, and GPS at the same time without one or the other interrupting) and Fast Charge technology for rapid charging.

    The most significant innovation lies in the addition of voice commands, which allow you to use the intercom simply by talking without ever taking your hands off the handlebars.

    We can only recommend this intercom to those who want the best from the Cellularline brand.

    Cellular Line’s top-of-the-line allows you to do just about anything you want and more.

    The build quality and countless features justify its price.


    Now, after discussing all the latest models of Cellular Line Motorcycle Intercoms, you have to choose the one that best suits your needs while also keeping an eye on your budget.

    If you want to take a look at Cellular Line’s intercom alternatives, you can read our articles on Sena or Cardo intercoms.

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