Cheap Motorcycle Intercoms: The 3 Best Bluetooth Interfaces Under 100$.

    Are you also looking for a motorcycle Bluetooth intercom but don’t want to spend more than 100$?

    Don’t worry – got your back.

    We tested almost every intercom on the market and prepared a list including the 3 best cheap motorcycle intercoms.

    Are you ready to discover them all? Let’s begin!

    Lexin LX B4FM Intercom

    Lexin is an excellent value-for-money product.

    This device is designed for pilots and passengers who want a clear, wireless connection while on the road.

    It also allows connecting up to 4 users, 1 host and 3 auxiliaries, with each other: once the 4 users are connected, the host will decide which auxiliary to talk to.

    Lexin will allow you to stay connected at all times with your fellow travelers.

    If you are looking for an inexpensive intercom with numerous features that will make your life easier while riding your motorcycle, this is (in our opinion) one of the best devices on the market for its value-for-money.

    • Audio quality: good up to 120 km/h
    • Communication distance: up to 1600m between 4 pilots
    • Number of connected users: up to 4, one host and 3 auxiliary, once paired the host decides who to talk to of the 3
    • Communication type: simultaneous dual
    • Battery capacity: 530mAh
    • Battery life: 120 hours of standby time and up to 8h talk time
    • Navigator pairing: yes, with voice command reception function
    • Music streaming: yes, with music playback control forward, backward, play, and pause.
    • Last number redial: yes
    • DSP: yes
    • Waterproof: yes, with IP67

    Intercom SBS Viper


    If you’re looking for an intercom with essential features to make your motorcycle commute more comfortable, but you’re a rider who doesn’t like devices with too many functions, bulky, and with lots of buttons, SBS Viper might be your best option.

    Instead of having many features, a long installation time, and being bulky, SBS Viper focuses on compactness, lightweight, essential functions, ease of mounting, and moving from one helmet to another.

    It is only suitable for bikers with specific needs. For example, you cannot communicate with any other rider or passenger.

    In fact, it is ideal for anyone who uses a motorcycle or scooter to go to work and commute around town, who needs to stay on call at all times, and who does not want to get a ticket because they put their phone in their helmet.

    • Audio quality: good up to 100 km/h
    • Communication range: –
    • Number of connected users: –
    • Type of communication: –
    • Battery life: up to 10h talk time, up to 100h standby time
    • Charging time: –
    • A2DP/AVRCP: yes
    • Song Sharing: –
    • Automatic volume adjustment: –
    • VOX technology: –
    • App for iOS and Android: –
    • Waterproof: yes (IPX4 certificed)

    Veetop Intercom


    Veep is an inexpensive motorcycle intercom that has fewer features than Lexin.

    It allows you to listen to music, make and receive phone calls, and communicate with 3 riders (including 2 at the same time), it has good sound quality and a range of up to about 900m (unobstructed).

    After testing it, we realized that it installs easily, has acceptable sound quality up to about 100km/h, and performs adequately.

    However, it has a few minor flaws (it should be no surprise given its very competitive price), including difficulty in turning up the volume (it often jams and must be “restarted“) and somewhat fragile connectors.

    These features make Veetop a good inexpensive intercom for the city, but we would advise against it if you are looking for a product that will accompany you on long trips at high speeds.

    • Working speed: up to 100 km/h
    • Communication range: 1000m between two pilots
    • Battery life: up to 8 hours talk time
    • Type of communication: 2-3 riders ( only two at the same time)
    • Features: Supports GPS, Mp3, Radio, call reception.
    • Waterproofing: yes


    After testing the three inexpensive intercoms, we found many similarities and few differences.

    All have reasonable quality/price and are good for a rider without too many demands.

    The best of the three, in our opinion, is Lexin – the most reliable and the one with the most advanced features (such as the option to communicate with 3 riders).

    However, Veetop and SBS are solid devices, mainly because of their competitive price.

    The former is more suitable for travel, while the latter is ideal for city travelers looking for a transportable device with minimal bulk.

    If you are interested in a mid-to-high-end device, we recommend reading the article on the 5 best motorcycle intercoms, divided by category.

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