Compatible Intercoms With Ducati System

    Which intercoms are compatible with the Ducati system?

    Many of you asked us what is the best compatible intercom with the Ducati system.

    So we immediately began to work, and asked the most famous manufacturers to advise us which intercoms were compatible with this system.

    Here are all their answers.

    Sena Intercoms

    Sena reply: Concerning compatibility, all Sena devices are compatible with Ducati, however, for an optimal experience we advise you to use a communication system that is at least bluetooth 4.1 and features the HD Audio Multitasking option such as 20S EVO (the SMH series is the line of our first models and has Bluetooth 3.0: these also work but you lose some options such as multitasking audio).

    To connect the communication device to the Ducati TFT the first step is to connect the smartphone to the bike. Again you have to make sure that there is no direct connection between phone and intercom, so you have to connect the intercom to the bike in “phone pairing” mode.

    Then, the user can use all the features of the “Ducati Link” App.

    N-Com Intercoms

    N-Com reply: As for the connection with DUCATI s’, all N-Com intercoms are compatible. The pairing procedure depends on the customer’s intercom system. 

    Midland Intercoms

    Midland reply: We tested both the first Ducati Multistrada 2016-2017 Bluetooth system and the second Ducati Multistrada 2018 system.

    Both systems are compatible with our intercom models..

    Cellular Line Interphone Intercoms

    Interphone reply: Cellular Line Interphone intercoms are fully compatible with the Ducati system.

    Cardo Intercoms

    Cardo reply: not received

    Bottom line

    Here we are at the end of this short article about the compatibility between the various intercoms and the Ducati system.

    Got any doubts or questions? Get in touch with us leaving a comment below.

    A warm goodbye,

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