Full-face Helmet: The Best 2022 5 Full-face Helmets

    Full-face Helmets

    Are you about to buy a full-face helmet and want to know which ones are the best?

    This guide will provide you with the best 2022 5 full-face helmets.

    Please note: we update our rankings periodically. Each time a new full-face helmet is released, the editorial staff of Motorbikeintercom.com tests it and, if deemed appropriate, adds it to this ranking.

    Are you ready? Let’s begin!

    What is the best 2022 full-face helmet?

    As you know, hundreds of models and types of full-face helmets are on the market, making the buying process a bit


    Having so many choices, you may wonder:

    Which is the best full-face helmet?

    Which is the safest full-face helmet?

    What’s the best looking?

    I have bad news for you: there is no unique criterion for awarding the best full-face helmet.

    Those who say otherwise, do not know what they say or aren’t as aware as those who have worked in this industry for many years.

    So our answer is always the same: there is no absolute best full-face helmet, but there is the best one for you!

    We all have different styles – some prefer bright colors and minimalist designs, others prefer a soundproof helmet or a lightweight one, and so on.

    This makes it virtually impossible to make a full-face helmet perfect for everyone.

    For this reason, manufacturers produce different helmets to meet all bikers’ needs.

    How can I then choose the best full-face helmet for me? – You may wonder.

    After testing dozens of full-face helmets on the market, we give you our opinion.

    The 5 best 2022 full-face helmets

    Modular Helmet Price
    Shoei GT Air 649$ ca.
    Arai XD4 649$ ca.
    Shoei Flagger 656$ ca.
    AGV K3 SV 165$ ca.
    Shark Raw 376$ ca.

    Shoei GT Air

    The silent full-face helmet

    GT-Air is a well-built Shoei full-face helmet that is incredibly comfortable and ideal for quietness and noise suppression.

    It has an average safety score but is stylish, well-finished, reliable, comfortable, and offers a large built-in sun visor.

    The American company Sena has also made a motorcycle intercom to be integrated on the GT-Air, so you can stay connected during your travels.




    Average safety score

    Excellent soundproofing

    Large integrated sun visor

    Option to purchase motorcycle intercom designed specifically for the helmet separately


    Arai XD4

    The full face cross helmet

    If you have a big enough budget, you should choose the new Arai XD4.

    This helmet is specially designed for sports people.

    The unique shape, large visor, and light padding give it a great personality.

    The ventilation system is unique as it is integrated with the exhaust ports.

    The ports are located at the top, back, and side of the helmet so that air can circulate freely to prevent internal overheating.

    The cheek pad release system sets Arai XD4 apart from other helmets. This feature is great because, in case of emergency, the rider can quickly release the cheek pads, so the helmet can be removed instantly.



    The inner lining is removable, washable, and replaceable

    Helmet slightly heavier than many of the competing brands

    Available in various colors and sizes

    Anti-fog pin-lock insert not included

    State-of-the-art ventilation system

    Sun visor works great

    Aerodynamic design

    Shoei FLAGGER

    The safest full-face helmet

    Shoei Flagger is a fantastic full-face helmet with outstanding test scores.

    It is comfortable, well-made, and soundproof and scored 4 out of 5 stars in the SHARP safety test, which means the Flagger is one of the safest helmets on the market.

    The only drawback? It is a bit expensive.

    But if your budget allows, Shoei Flagger will not disappoint.



    One of the safest on this list

    A little expensive

    Attractive design

    Full-face helmet AGV K3 SV

    The full-face helmet with maximum ventilation

    AGV K3 SV is a high-performance helmet: it scores well in all safety tests, is comfortable, and has some great features, including superb ventilation and a drop-down visor, not to mention its aerodynamic shape that reduces buffeting and lifting.

    It also sports a fantastic look.

    The only downside is poor soundproofing, which made it lose a few points.

    If you can live with this detail (or if you are willing to wear earplugs), it is a great helmet at a great price.



    Dri-Lex moisture-resistant material used to make the padding

    Little soundproofing

    Very light (weighs less than 2kg)

    High-quality ventilation system

    Great range of colors and designs

    Good quality price

    Shark Vancore full-face helmet

    The most eye-catching full-face helmet

    The Shark Vancore full-face helmet has become so famous for its distinctive look.

    It may not be the most practical helmet on this list, but…who cares about practicality! 😉

    We can’t speak about its safety level because the full-face Shark helmet has not been SHARP tested, but we assume it is excellent (like most helmets of this brand).

    It is not the quietest helmet on this list, but it is not the loudest either, and thanks to its internal padding, it is very comfortable.

    In conclusion, if you are looking for a reliable helmet with an attractive appearance, you will not be disappointed with your next Shark Vancore.




    SHARP has not been tested, so we do not know its safety level

    Good ventilation system

    Not particularly quiet

    Fantastic and unique design

    Very convenient

    Ideal for sporty riders

    How to choose a full-face helmet

    When looking for the best full-face helmet, it is essential to do a detailed search taking into consideration a wide range of factors.

    Some people will choose only the cheapest helmet. Never do that! Because price should never be a priority over your safety!

    Be sure to consider all the factors I list below so you can find the best full-face helmet for your needs.


    Make sure the helmet has all national and international certifications and is approved by meeting specific standards.

    Carefully evaluate the integrity of the statements; fraud is always around the corner.

    Head size, fit, and comfort

    Although safety should be your first priority, it is also essential to ensure your helmet fits you well throughout your travels.

    Helmets are usually worn for an extended time, so they must be ergonomically designed to fit the shape of your head and be comfortable.

    If you are unsure what size to buy, take a look at the guide on helmet sizes.


    It is very risky to wear a full-face helmet that does not offer a good view.

    The helmet should provide a clear view of the road and all vehicles on your side.

    Most helmets come with sun shades that will allow you to raise the main visor while remaining protected from insects, wind, sun, and rain.

    Helmet ventilation

    Ventilation is a factor that should not be underestimated.

    This feature does not have a great impact on the overall effectiveness of the helmet, but proper ventilation will help make it much more comfortable.

    An adequately ventilated helmet will be less hot and not make you feel constricted inside a hot box.

    The helmet should be snug-fitting, but it should also have plenty of vents so that wind can flow freely in and out of the helmet.

    Design and aesthetics

    Admit it: you want to look good when you ride, don’t you?

    Although the design does not affect the effectiveness of the helmet, it is still advisable to give some importance to this factor.

    Also, remember that you can always add graphic elements to the helmet later.

    This is optional, but it will help you customize the helmet’s look to your liking.

    Chin strap

    Remember that your helmet must be firmly on your head at all times.

    Therefore, the helmet strap has a crucial function.

    There are several fastening mechanisms, but always remember to fasten the strap so that there are a few inches between your chin and the strap.

    Additional features

    As technology has advanced, motorcycle helmets have become more and more innovative.

    One of the latest innovations is the motorcycle intercom.

    Some helmets now feature Bluetooth technology, which allows the driver to answer phone calls while on the road.

    This aspect drives the price but can also provide additional reassurance and peace of mind.

    However, if you don’t want to buy a built-in Bluetooth device, you can always choose a compatible one. Here are the best motorcycle intercoms.


    Few consumers choose their helmets solely based on their price.

    I don’t recommend choosing a cheap helmet, but I recommend buying one with a good quality price.

    Take the time to research thoroughly and purchase the safest helmet possible, so you can rest easy knowing you spent your money well.


    You should know that some helmets come with a warranty.

    If anything happens, the warranty will allow you to replace your helmet without extra fees.


    Here we come to the end of this guide on the best 2022 full-face helmets.

    Share your experience! What’s the best full-face helmet on the market?

    Best regards from the staff of Motorbikeintercom.com

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