Gifts for Riders: 10 Christmas Gifts for the Motorcycle Enthusiast

    If you are not keen on bikes, choosing gifts for this category of people is a challenging and risky business.

    The average rider is very picky and has strong opinions about what products might be welcome in their garage… or on their bike.

    All you can do is make a list of wild and desperate guesses about what motorcycle gifts might be good.

    Yet, once you get pen and paper, you’ll wonder: what should I gift to a motorcycle fan?

    Since I am a motorcycle enthusiast, I will tell you what gifts I appreciate most.

    These products are great gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays, or even anniversaries.

    Get comfy, and find out the best Christmas gifts for bikers!

    Biker Christmas gifts: the 10 gift ideas every biker would love to receive

    Forget the classic motorcycle mugs and a $70 pair of Triumph socks – I’ll share with you the secret for gifting the best present.

    You will have to choose something that:

    1. It will help them solve a problem related to their bike (useful gifts)
    2. It will allow them to show their friends how passionate they are about motorcycles (original gifts)

    Pretty simple if you know how to do it, right?

    So here you go – the 10 gifts for riders selected by a motorcycle expert.

    Useful Christmas gifts for motorcyclists

    Neck warmer

    Neck warmer: the name says it all.

    No matter how warm or heavy the jacket is, the wind chill flowing down a motorcyclist’s neck can easily lead to severe discomfort and even hypothermia.

    A good quality integral neck warmer will prevent unwanted air flow, making riding more comfortable.

    Digital manometer

    A must for every motorcyclist.

    The true rider knows that tires must be inflated to the correct level and that they can never rely on the gauges found at gas stations.

    A good quality pressure gauge can cost up to 30€ and can be stored under the vehicle’s seat, in the tank bag, or even in the pocket.

    Winter gloves

    Warm hands = happy rider

    Warm gloves are a godsend, so why not gift them to your beloved biker for Christmas or their birthday?

    Our favorites are the ones you can find in the link below, which are among the cheapest and most effective on the market.

    Leather suit

    Okay, this, on par with the tires, is the most expensive and the most appreciated gift.

    This suit from Spyke offers, in my opinion, the best value for money ratio.

    Unlike many others, it is one of the most comfortable and does not tend to tighten on the chest when walking.

    If your budget allows, you’ll be on the safe side, thanks to the Spyke suit.

    Motorcycle cover

    “Wrap yourself up, or you’ll catch a cold!”

    Well, the true rider treats their bike like a child, and if the latter is left outdoors for the winter, a decent wrap is always a good gift for motorcyclists.

    It may seem like the most “boring” gift on the list, but it isn’t.

    A few years ago, I was given a motorcycle cover as a gift, and only with time did I realize how it was one of the most useful gifts ever.

    Not having to scrape frost every morning, soak my butt on rainy days, or know that a would-be thief would have to waste about ten minutes trying to remove the cover from the bike gave me peace of mind and made me a happy rider.

    Original Christmas gifts for motorcyclists

    Go Pro

    The best way to record and share motorcycle trips with friends.

    The Go Pro Hero 6 is the most powerful action camera ever and is great for recording their bike rides (since it features advanced stabilization).

    The built-in GPS will also help him relive their trips, and the waterproof design will help record them even in a rainstorm.

    The Go Pro is also ideal for those traveling by car.

    Just imagine: a spring day, the sunroof is open, while filming their travels whizzing between turns… Truly unique!

    One of the best gifts for a rider.

    Moto GP video game for PlayStation

    The ultimate video game for bikers who love gaming on the Playstation.

    A game focused on the Grand Prix, great for spending evenings with friends.

    If, on the other hand, they’re not gamers and prefer to watch Moto GP on tv, the MotoGP video pass is the right gift to choose: not only will they be able to watch all the Moto GP races live, but they will also have access to all the cameras that commentators use.

    There are multi-screens and the option of being able to choose which pilot to follow.

    The pass that includes access to races, archival footage, and winter testing is available by clicking this link:

    Motorcycle intercom

    This is both a useful and original gift for motorcyclists.

    A motorcycle intercom will allow the rider to listen to music and talk to fellow riders during his or her rides.

    Not only that!

    With the latest models of Bluetooth intercoms, they will be able to receive and make calls safely without being distracted from the road.

    These three are the best by price range.


    What do you think of these biker gifts for this Christmas?

    Which one do you think is the best?

    If you have any concerns, questions or need advice, please comment using the form below. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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