Harley Davidson gift: the best 10 birthday gifts for a Harley enthusiast

    It took a few days for the roars and crackle s of motorcycle engines to stop ringing in my ears and to stop crying sand. It will take me longer to forget Torregrande (Sardinia) – one of the most beautiful rallies in Italy.

    With its amazing festival with stunt performers, music, and booths, Torregrande draws about 8,000 motorcycles each year. Not bad, considering that it ranked as the second-largest motor rally in our country.

    As a young motorcyclist, I learned an important lesson at this event: motorcycles are not just a hobby but a way of life.

    Whether your gift recipient is a rugged Harley Davidson lover, dressed in a gray beard and black leather jacket, or a weekend biker, regardless of how often they ride their bike, they will be tremendously obsessed with motors, which makes them rather difficult to be captivated with a gift.

    So here at Torregrande, I saw hundreds of motorcyclists and interviewed them about the best Harley Davidson gifts they could receive.

    These were their responses.

    Get comfortable. Let’s begin!

    Harley Davidson gift: the best 10 birthday gifts for a Harley enthusiast


    I met Jeff, a 61-year-old from Los Angeles, while he was enjoying his beer in the Torregrande sunshine, and he was not at all shy about showing off a silver ring from a night rider that he had received as a gift last year.

    The ring we suggest below is not the same as Jeff’s, but it’s a damn fine idea for a Harley lover.

    Portable pocket knife

    Jeff assured me that every motorcyclist worthy of respect carries a pocket knife.

    Although he did not seem, shall we say, as hardcore as most other bikers, he always carried one with him.

    This knife is an incredibly durable aluminum product.

    Give it as a gift to the biker and he will proudly show it to all his rider friends.


    Jeff may have been a rookie in Torregrande, but he’s been riding motorcycles since he was 8. And throughout his life, his love for his Harley has never faltered.

    The feeling of being on two wheels … it’s the closest thing to flying while you’re still on the ground,” he said.

    This means he will need a good pair of glasses.

    These are among the best goggles for motorcyclists, especially for long rides.

    Handlebar mount for cup

    Jim sat on his Harley when I met him in Torregrande Park.

    He knows this place well, as he has been to Torregrande many times.

    He said that riding a motorcycle is the only thing that makes him feel truly free.

    When I sit on the saddle of my Harley, the law cannot touch me, the government cannot touch me, and I am free.

    Well, let’s say if he was stopped after having two cold beers, both the law and the government might have the right to say something.

    A Coke or coffee, on the other hand, is completely harmless to the law and could accompany him for a long ride thanks to the handlebar cup holder.

    A great gift for a Harley enthusiast like him.

    Motorcycle bag

    Many of Torregrande’s bikes were completely covered with bags.

    Saddle bags, windshield bags, etc.

    These bags are usually quite expensive, so they are not ideal for an inexpensive gift.

    The front bags, however, are a cheap, convenient, and super handy gift.

    The one we suggested above is the best one we found on Amazon.

    Motorcycle gloves

    Every Harley lover wears half-finger gloves.

    These gloves are comfortable, lightweight, and a great deal on Amazon.

    A great gift idea for true Harley Davidson enthusiasts.

    Handlebar smartphone holder

    Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular and are a great tool to take along on a motorcycle.

    Help motorcyclists check their sat nav or glance at their WhatsApp messages while waiting for the green light.

    Okay not everyone does, but almost…don’t you think?

    If the gift recipient likes to glance at their smartphone often, this is the best gift you can give them.

    Harley Davidson wall clock

    If your partner is like Jeff or Jim, or like most riders, his Harley is an obsession.

    When he is not riding it, he dreams of being in the saddle and counts down the minutes until the next weekend before he can leave.

    For that, help him count time with one of the best Harley Davidson wall clocks around.

    He will not take her eyes off it.

    Harley Davidson keychain

    Every Harley lover worthy of its name loves to show it off.

    Therefore, after buying a Harley, he will want to have everything Harley-shaped.

    This Harley Davidson keychain is the right gift idea for the Harleysta who likes to flaunt their passion.

    Motorcycle intercom

    Okay, I must admit it – this is my forte.

    Motorcycle intercoms are undoubtedly among my favorites

    as a true fan of motorcycles and their accessories.

    They allow riders to communicate with each other, listen to music, or make or receive phone calls with people they feel like talking to.

    This way, you can call your Harley-loving friend or partner even while he is riding his motorcycle and keep him company during his travels.

    Dozens of them exist. Below is a list of the best intercoms divided by price range.


    With this article, I hope I have given you the ideas for a perfect gift for the Harley Davidson enthusiast.

    What are your thoughts?

    Write them using the form below, and we will try to get back to you within 24 hours.

    If you want more inspiration, read the article on the 10 best gifts for bikers.

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