Lexin 2x B4FM: Full Review with Opinions and Prices

    Lexin 2x B4FM

    Lexin B4FM is a universal Bluetooth headset suitable for open and closed helmets, which can work perfectly in different situations.

    For example, it is the favorite option for those who travel in harsh weather conditions and those who need stable, high-quality conditions even in urban, hilly, or high-peak mountain environments.

    The innovative technologies that distinguish the Lexin B4FM allow information to be shared at considerable speeds, even with physical obstacles.

    Lexin 2x B4FM: review

    General features

    Its unique feature, however, is the immense possibilities of use, as this device is waterproof thanks to the IP67 standard, which defines its high quality.

    Precisely because of this certificate, this device can be successfully used in intercom mode for at least 4 people. Its battery life is considerable (about 15 hours, but there are factors to consider that could affect the duration), and the high quality of this device has been repeatedly remarked upon by users who have tested it.

    One special feature we often forget about is the large buttons on the device. Thanks to these, you won’t have too much trouble using the device, even if you wear gloves.

    All that is needed to turn on this Headset is to press the power button for a couple of seconds.

    Also, remember the option of activating Siri or the Android voice assistant: to do so, press the power button twice.

    Similarly, if you press the “+” button twice, you can call the last number dialed. To turn on the radio, you must do the same by pressing the “-” sign twice consecutively.

    As you can see, using such a device is extremely simple, not least because it is specially designed for those who need a device that is both simple and cutting-edge in the industry. Lexin is known to be one company that goes the extra mile to increase user comfort.

    Alright, but why are there as many as two Lexin B4FM devices in the package? Well, you can give one to your traveling companion, the one that would eventually sit on the back of your bike, or you could use two devices simultaneously for better audio quality.

    Not only that, but remember that you can also give a Lexin device to a distant companion to enjoy rider-rider communication.

    What will you find in the box?

    Once you buy and open the box, you will find a whole range of useful accessories for the operation of the device. Specifically, in the box you will fin:

    – 2 Lexin B4FM helmet headphones

    – 2 speakers

    – 4 microphones

    – 2x USB

    charging cable

    – 2x mounting kits

    – An instruction booklet

    You will also find its warranty, which is not included directly in the package, but you will find it outside the box.


    As mentioned above, this device has one of the most stable signals on the market, as it is specially designed for those who need a high-quality device.

    On the other hand, consider, however, that it is slightly older than other devices, so much so that it still includes Bluetooth 3.0 technology (as you know, it is not among the most suitable ones if you are looking for speed of communication). The range stated by the manufacturer on the package is 1,600 meters.

    This makes it optimal for working at optimal distances in “flat” environments, those without natural or artificial obstacles.

    As is also the case with other Lexin brand devices, this range decreases considerably in urban or hilly environments, so much so that several users have reported operating ranges at about 800 meters. Similarly, bad weather could also adversely impact it.


    There’s nothing to say about this aspect: the design is similar to that of many other company products. Ordinary, regular, geometric, at first glance, far too rigid and, as often, characterized by the prevalence of the color black.


    Stable and optimal: there is no interference or distortion to report, so much so that the device is considered optimal from this point of view.

    There are minor issues related to Bluetooth 3.0 technology, which is now considered obsolete and less stable than one would like. Still, this device offers audio quality enviable by many others.

    Battery life

    About 15 hours, and fully charges in 2.5 hours under normal conditions. Since this is a somewhat old model, however, it is worth mentioning that the operating time decreases considerably in bad weather or low temperatures: in fact, the battery has not been thermally protected and therefore tends to disperse heat due to the cold.

    Main features and functions

    • Audio quality: sound insulation is lacking, but there are no particular indications regarding audio quality
    • Communication distance: 1,600 meters in optimal conjectures
    • Number of connected users: 4
    • Communication type: pilot-pilot or even pilot-passenger
    • Battery life: up to 15 hours of use
    • Charging time: 2.5 hours
    • Universal intercom: no
    • FM radio: yes
    • Music sharing: yes
    • Automatic volume adjustment: no
    • Voice messages: yes
    • Helmet compatibility: universal
    • Waterproof: yes
    • Bluetooth: 3.0
    • Smartphone app: yes

    Pros and Cons


    • Excellent cost in comparison to the functionality offered;
    • Great battery life;
    • Good stability and audio quality;
    • Perfect fastening system;
    • Excellent materials.


    • This model is a bit old;
    • Bluetooth 3.0 is now obsolete;
    • The warranty isn’t always provided.

    To whom is it addressed?

    This device is designed for those looking for inexpensive solutions to modern problems and for all riders who want to use an excellent intercom without spending too much money. On the other hand, it is not recommended for more professional riders because of its obsolete design, feature, and look-wise.

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