Lexin ET COM: Full Review with Opinions and Prices

    Lexin ET COM

    Have you ever heard of Lexin ET COM? If you are a biker, it is difficult that you have yet to hear of this device because it is currently one of the most popular out there. Yet, even today, there are so many questions that surround it. What are its features? What about its aesthetics?

    Let’s get to know this device better.

    Lexin ET COM: general characteristics

    When traveling on a motorcycle, you have both hands busy and cannot answer calls, change the music volume, or choose another audio track to listen to.

    To overcome these issues, various headsets have been designed, helpful precisely to provide you with the option to listen to music, answer calls and talk when riding your two-wheeled beast.

    One of the most prominent representatives of these headsets is the Lexin ET COM V5.0 model: this headset can easily fit into any helmet and offers noise-canceling technology.

    It even includes a system for Rider-To-Rider intercommunication within a radius of 1,200 meters, complete with FM Radio, so you can talk to other people within the radio’s range.

    The Lexin brand certainly needs no introduction from this point of view: without a shadow of a doubt, it is one of the most famous and well-known companies, which also makes it one of the safest.

    Unsurprisingly, those who need an extremely reliable device purchase a Lexin.

    What will you find in the box?

    • The earphones with the device;
    • the Hi-Fi Speaker;
    • The Boom/Button Micropone;
    • The earphone attachment system on the helmet.

    You can easily attach the Lexin ET COM operating device directly to your helmet, which is very simple thanks to the user-friendly attachment system. You won’t risk having your device detached for some reason.


    As mentioned above, it is 1200 meters, but this value could vary greatly depending on many factors.

    For example, it might be lower if you travel under harsh weather conditions, as rain and strong wind might reduce the radius slightly. Conversely, in good weather, the operating radius of Lexin ET COM might be even greater.


    Lexin also stands out in terms of design: while it may seem slightly simplistic at first glance, these models’ design lines are refined. They appear to have been designed in a highly fluid and gentle manner.

    In the market, you will find Lexin ET COM in different colors: gray, black, red, yellow, green, and so on. Its shape, moreover, is designed in such a way as to give you the most excellent feeling of comfort.

    A remarkable peculiarity of this device concerns the size of its buttons: they are very large. Its overall look is, however, futuristic-like, like many other devices from the same company.

    Audio quality

    According to the opinions of various users who have already tried this device, we can say that its audio quality is medium-high.

    There are no particular interferences to report, nor negative comments.

    The only issue is the interferences that might happen under harsh weather or great distance. However, the audio quality is increased by the audio isolation offered: its level is very high, and it helps you hear what you want without hearing the noise of the highway.

    Battery life

    One of the biggest pluses is its battery life: it boasts an 800 MaH battery, which will help you listen to music for up to 15 hours and allow you to communicate for about 8 hours.

    Although it might seem excellent at first glance, in reality, this device is not well suited for lengthy travels.

    There’s one more thing to add: 300 hours in standby mode. These are not great values, especially compared to others, but they will still give you an excellent battery life.

    The technology that could negatively affect the autonomy value is Bluetooth. Included in the Lexin ET-COM device is version 5.0, which will allow you to use it even when traveling at the speed of about 100 kilometers per hour.

    Main features and functions

    • Audio quality: excellent up to about 100 km/h
    • Communication distance: 1200 m
    • Number of connected users: 2-3 at most
    • Communication type: multi-pilot
    • Battery life: up to 15 hours of use
    • Charging time: about 2 hours
    • Universal intercom: present
    • FM radio: yes
    • Music sharing: yes
    • Automatic volume adjustment: no
    • Voice messages: yes
    • Helmet compatibility: universal
    • Waterproof: yes
    • Bluetooth: 5.0
    • Audio multitasking: no, but this device features audio overlay (when you receive a communication, music or other functions are not interrupted, and their volume doesn’t get turned down)
    • Smartphone app: yes

    Pros and cons


    • Excellent battery life, especially in comparison with other models on the market;
    • High-level Bluetooth capable of providing an outstanding level of communication;
    • Excellent connection stability and an exceptional audio level;
    • Price consistent with other similar devices.


    • The range may be significantly lower due to bad weather;
    • Some users complained about the poor sound insulation.

    To whom is Lexin ET COM addressed?

    This device is designed for those who need simple and immediate solutions to their problems and an excellent safety level.

    It is an excellent device for experienced riders who travel at high speeds, in groups, and want to communicate with each other at all times. Not only that, Lexin ET COM is also well-suited for newbie riders who need a device that is safe and not too difficult to use.

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