Midland BT Mesh: Full Review

    Midland BT Mesh

    If you are looking for a group communication device, versatile, easy to manage, with Mesh technology to simplify connections between group members, possibly made in Italy, I’m positive you’re reading the right article.

    Let’s find out together the newly released Midland BT Mesh.


    Midland BT Mesh: Full Review

    The brand new Midland high range has arrived, it’s called BT MESH and has unprecedented innovations among the ranks of the Italian company.

    Why choose Midland BT Mesh

    BT MESH is Midland’s latest innovation, innovation between quotes because a similar technology was already seen with Sena 30K and Cardo Packtalk Bold.

    However, it is a brand new feature for Midland, which with MMC (Midland Mesh Conference) technology allows BT Mesh to connect up to 10 users in conference mode within a 1.4 km radius.

    With this system you will be able to enter and leave the communication network whenever you want; all you need to do is to be within range so that your intercom reconnects to the group communication.

    You can also choose “private” one-to-one communication with the option of connecting up to a maximum of 4 users.

    With BT Mesh you can manage both incoming and outgoing calls, communicate with other brands of intercoms thanks to TALK2ALL mode, listen to your favorite music in the background during intercom communications or GPS signaling.

    The music volume will automatically adjust to allow you to talk to a user or hear GPS instructions.

    You can also connect 2 mobile phones and an additional intercom of a different brand at the same time, listen to the radio and save your favorite stations.

    Ultimately, this high-end helmet is compatible with all types of helmets and is waterproof with IPX6 certification.

    What you will find inside the box

    Inside Midland BT Mesh’s box you will find:

    • BT Mesh control unit
    • Boom and wired microphone
    • Double-sided adhesive slide-in attachment system for all helmet types
    • Audio kit with Hi-Fi speaker
    • USB cable
    • AC adapter



    Midland BT Mesh’s highlight is definitely the range of action along with the versatility and convenience of Mesh technology.

    The 1,400 m of range is a highly respectable value that will allow you to travel worry-free, enjoying communications with your fellow travellers.



    Like the whole BT family, its audio is excellent up to 130 km/h.

    As you can imagine, a key aspect of sound quality is the soundproofing and type of your helmet, but we guarantee you’ll be surprised by Midland’s noise suppression.

    Battery life

    BT Mesh battery has a 23 hour battery life.

    It is not the best on the market (its younger brother Midland BT Next Pro lasts up to 35 hours) but it is definitely good considering the values of its direct competitors.


    Main characteristics and features

    • Audio quality:  excellent up to over 130 km/h
    • Range: 1400m
    • Number of connected users: up to 10
    • Communication type: conference up to 10 users, 4 users one-to-one
    • Battery life: up to 23h of use
    • Charge time: n.d.
    • A2DP/AVRCP: yes
    • Song Sharing: yes
    • Automatic volume: yes
    • Tecnologia bluetooth: yes
    • Noise reduction: yes
    • Radio FM: yes
    • Universal Intercom: yes
    • Compatible with BMW, DUCATI, KTM connectivity systems: yes
    • Waterproof: yes


    Pros & Cons


    • 10 users connected in a flexible network
    • Sound quality
    • Battery life


    • Limited users in bluetooth mode
    • Unaesthetic antenna

    Who it is intended for

    Midland BT Mesh is definitely an intercom to be preferred by those looking for a device for large group trips, and those who don’t want to have to stop to reconnect every time the connection with a user is lost.

    Mesh technology makes it a truly versatile and flexible device..


    Midland BT Mesh instructions

    You can install Midland BT Mesh intercom on any type of helmet: full face, modular, jet.

    Through the instructions below, you can install the intercom in a few steps:

    How to fit the intercom on your helmet

    In this video you will learn how to fit the Midland BT Mesh on your helmet.


    How to pair multiple intercoms

    In this video you will learn how to pair two or more intercoms.


    How to set up music sharing

    Learn how to set the music sharing function with the Midland BT Mesh.


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