Midland BTX2 Pro S: Full Review

    Midland BTX2 Pro S

    After we talked about BTX1 Pro S and its major updates, today we are going to introduce BTX2 Pro S, the big brother of the Italian company Midland.

    If you’re looking for an “all around” intercom, this might be right for you…


    Midland BTX 2 Pro S: Full Review

    BTX 2 Pro S is the evolution of the evergreen Midland BTX 2 Pro, and with this update it gets major improvements with a very small price increase, expanding what is the intercom range of the Italian company Midland.

    Why choose Midland BTX2 Pro S

    Midland BTX2 Pro S is the first mid-range intercom with a dual chipset and Bluetooth 4.2 technology, allowing you to communicate with 8 users in conference mode and 6 users in one-to-one mode.

    Although minor, the design change to the center key makes the intercom even more user-friendly when using it while riding.

    The most noticeable upgrades, compared to its predecessor BTX 2 Pro, are definitely:

    • Conference mode communication for up to 8 users, and one-to-one communication for up to 6 users
    • Increased range
    • Option to connect to 2 mobile phones and a GPS simultaneously.

    As for BTX2 PRO, with this new model you can make and receive phone calls, listen and share your favorite playlists, get instructions from your GPS and listen to the radio.

    Midland BTX 2 Pro S is waterproof IPX6 certified, so even the rain won’t be a problem for your travel and communications anymore.

    It can be fitted on all types of helmets and is a universal intercom, i.e. fully compatible with intercoms of different brands.


    What you will find inside the box

    Inside the Midland BTX 2 Pro S box you will find:

    • BTX 2 PRO S control unit
    • Double-sided adhesive slide-in hooking system to fit the helmet
    • Audio kit with 2 Hi-Fi earphones
    • Wired” microphone, for full face helmet
    • Boom microphone, for modular and jet helmets
    • USB cable
    • Battery charger



    The Midland BTX 2 Pro S also gets an enhanced range, increased by approximately 200m for a total of 1,200m.

    This aspect makes BTX2 Pro S an excellent travel companion.



    As already reported for BTX1 Pro S, the audio quality of BTX2 Pro is excellent well over 120-130km/h.

    Thanks to the amazing DNK (Digital Noise Killer) technology, your chats will be surprisingly clear even at high speeds, so much so that it won’t feel like you’re riding a bike.


    Battery life

    Now we get to the only “sour note”, if we want to be picky, about the new BTX 2 Pro S model.

    Its battery life ranges from about 30 hours to 23 hours.

    However, it is still one of the longest lasting of the market and we believe it is largely motivated by the increase in performance that this new model provides.


    Main characteristics and features

    • Audio quality: excellent over 130 km/h
    • Range: 1200m
    • Number of connected users: 8
    • Communication type: 6 users one-to-one, 8 users conference mode
    • Battery life: up to 23h of use
    • Interfono universale: yes
    • Digital Noise Killer: yes
    • 2 mobile phones connection: yes
    • Radio FM: yes
    • Automatic Gain Control (AGC): yes
    • VOX Technology: yes
    • Helmet compatibility: universal
    • Compatible with BMW, DUCATI, KTM connectivity systems: yes
    • Waterproof: yes (IPX6 certification)


    Pros & Cons


    • Conference mode up to 8 users
    • 1200m range
    • Excellent audio above 130 km/h
    • Research, development, design and support made in Italy


    • Lower battery life compared to its previous model


    Who it is intended for

    I recommend the Midland BTX 2 Pro S if you are looking for a versatile device for both single use and when traveling with friends: it can do almost anything at a highly competitive price.

    For Midland, this model remains a mid-range device within its intercom line-up, but it offers all the qualities to be a real high-end device if considered in a wider scale and not only among the models of the Italian house.


    Midland BTX2 Pro S instructions

    You can fit the Midland BTX2 PRO S intercom on any type of helmet: full face, modular, jet.

    Using the instructions below, you can install your intercom in just a few steps:

    How to fit the intercom on your helmet

    In this video you will learn how to fit the Midland BTX2 PRO S on your helmet.


    How to pair multiple intercoms

    In this video you will learn how to pair two or more intercoms with your smartphone or GPS.


    How to set up music sharing

    Find out how to share music with your passenger using Midland BTX2 Pro S music sharing feature.


    Midland BTX2 Pro S price

    Yes, it is definitely not one of the cheapest devices out there, but its features and crystal clear sound quality make it a fantastic value for money choice.

    As I said before, Midland sees the BTX2 Pro S as a mid-range intercom, but if viewed from broader perspective, it has what it takes to be considered a top-of-the-range device in its own right.


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