Midland Intercom: the 6 Best Motorcycle Intercoms

    Midland Intercom

    Midland is an Italian company that today is a leader in the radio communications industry.

    Its products range from the motorcycle, automotive, and sports fields.

    The company’s core business has always been “walkie talkies.” Today, they offer a wide selection of devices such as action cams, motorcycle intercoms, car black boxes, charging systems, and portable starters.

    Now let’s get to know the best Midland motorcycle intercoms.



    The 6 best Midland motorcycle intercoms

    Low-end intercoms

    Intercom Midland BTX1 Pro

    Midland BTX1 Pro is one of the best devices for value for money.

    Updated in both design and functionality from the previous version, it is an easy-to-use intercom with large buttons.

    The BTX1 Pro has all the features of its predecessors, plus the option to communicate not only between you and your passenger, but also between bike and bike within a 300m radius.

    Battery life in conversation reaches about 30 hours; in addition, on this version, Midland accommodated customers who wished to disable the AGC (automatic volume control based on noise) function.

    Having only the option of one-to-one communication, we recommend it if you want to purchase an “all-in-one” device at a more than affordable price.

    Intercom Midland BTX1 Pro S

    As the name suggests, this version is the evolution of the BTX1 PRO.

    Like its predecessor, it can manage incoming and outgoing calls, connect to a navigation system to get directions, and finally listen to and share music.

    Its new features are:

    • A slightly revised design – the center button now has a doming that allows it to be instantly recognizable, making it easier to use while riding.
    • The option to connect, in conference mode, up to 3 users – the only intercom in its class offering this feature to date.
    • An increased range of around 800m.
    • Connection to two mobile phones at the same time.

    In short, it is a virtually complete device.

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    Mid-range intercoms

    Intercom Midland BTX2 Pro

    As in the previous case, the BTX2 PRO is the simple evolution of the BTX1 PRO.

    The BTX2 PRO, besides having all the features of the entry-level model, was the first mid-range intercom to allow conference communication for up to 4 riders and coverage that is around 1000m.

    We recommend it if you want an intercom that is full-featured in terms of functions and can stand up for itself while traveling with friends.

    Intercom Midland BTX2 Pro S

    BTX2 Pro S is the first mid-range device with dual Bluetooth 4.2 chips, allowing you to communicate with 8 riders in conference mode and 6 riders in one-to-one mode, and provides better compatibility with BMW’s TFT and KTM MyRide system.

    Although slight, the design change of its center button makes this intercom even more intuitive while riding.

    The most obvious upgrades, compared with its predecessor BTX2 Pro, are:

    • Option to communicate in conference mode for up to 8 users, and one-to-one for up to 6 users
    • Better range
    • Option to connect to 2 cell phones and a navigation system simultaneously.

    As with its predecessor, with the S version, you can make and receive phone calls, listen to and share your favorite playlists, get directions from your navigation system, and listen to the radio.

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    High-end intercoms

    Intercom Midland BTX Next Pro

    BTX NEXT PRO is Midland’s current top-of-the-line, the most advanced in all respects.

    The big brother of BTX1 PRO and BTX2 PRO differs in range (1600m), dual-core Bluetooth 4.2 technology, background listening to music during communication, and conference capability for up to 8 people (4 bikes), and 6 people one-to-one.

    We recommend it if you are looking for an authentic top-of-the-line product, capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding rider, whether in daily use or on long trips, with top-of-the-line functionality and performance.

    Intercom Midland BT Mesh

    BT Mesh is the most advanced intercom from Italian manufacturer Midland. The MMC (Midland Mesh Conference) technology allows you to connect with up to 10 users in conference mode within a maximum range of 1.4 km.

    With this system, you can join and exit the communication network whenever you want; you only need to re-enter a suitable radius for your intercom to reconnect to your group communication.

    If you wish, you can also choose “private” one-to-one communication with the option of connecting with to up to 4 users.

    With BT Mesh you can, of course, make and receive phone calls, communicate with intercoms of other brands, and listen to your playlists in the background during, for example, intercom communications or reports from your GPS.

    You can simultaneously connect 2 mobile phones and another intercom of different brands, listen to the radio, and save your favorite stations.

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    After reading this post, you should have understood the differences between the different Midland intercoms, with their pros and cons.

    If Midland has yet to convince you, you can read our articles on Sena and Cardo intercoms.

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