Modular Helmet: The Best 2022 5 Modular Helmets

    Are you about to purchase a helmet and want to learn which is the best modular helmet?

    In this guide, you will find the top 2022 5 best modular helmets.

    Please note: we update our rankings periodically. Each time a new modular helmet is released, the editorial staff of tests it and, if deemed appropriate, adds it to this ranking.

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    What is the best 2022 modular helmet?

    Modular helmets are the perfect mix of style and functionality.

    There are hundreds of models of modular helmets out there, making your buying process more difficult.

    Having such a wide choice, you may wonder:

    Which is the best 2022 modular helmet?

    Which one is the safest?

    The one with the best looks?

    Well, as you can imagine, there is no absolute best modular helmet, but many meet your needs.

    In this guide, you will discover 5 modular helmets to compare. At the end of this article, you will likely find the best one for you.

    2022 modular helmets

    Modular Helmet Price
    Shoei Neotec 799$ ca.
    Nolan N70 359$ ca.
    Shark EVO ONE 2 469$ ca.
    Caberg Duke NOT AVAILABLE
    Airoh J106 NOT AVAILABLE

    Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet

    The Shoei Neotec is an iconic modular helmet that earned 4 out of 5 stars in the SHARP safety test.

    It offers great ventilation, good comfort, and an excellent sun visor.

    I was disappointed with the soundproofing, which is good compared to other modular helmets but rather lackluster compared to most full-face helmets.

    It is not cheap, but if your budget allows, you will undoubtedly be rewarded with a helmet that is a pleasure to wear.

    Modular helmet Nolan N70

    The Nolan N70 is incredibly flexible: full-face, jet, open face or adventure helmet.

    Thanks to the Nolan N70, you can choose as many configurations as you want.

    It is not the quietest helmet on the market, but it has so many features at such an affordable price that it is one of the best quality/price helmets.

    Shark EVO ONE 2 Modular Helmet

    Shark Evo One 2 is not a modular helmet but is an open-face helmet with a rubber chin guard, so it cannot provide the same level of protection as a full-face helmet.

    Most motorcyclists (myself, for one) bought it for its looks, but it works surprisingly well as a helmet.

    Due to its comfortable lining, it is very comfortable

    It is louder than most full-face helmets but quieter than most open-face helmets.

    The mask is attached directly to the bottom of the goggles, but you can unhook it if you prefer to use the helmet without wearing a mask.

    If you wish, you can remove the side bindings and goggles altogether to use the EVO ONE 2 as an authentic jet helmet.

    The Shark Raw is the perfect helmet if you plan to take only a short trip or take things lightly.

    Caberg Duke modular helmet


    The Caberg Duke II is a well-designed and comfortable modular helmet with many fantastic features and a competitive price.

    It scored top marks in the SHARP safety test and is sold with a Pinlock anti-fog insert included in the box.

    As for soundproofing, although this is a modular helmet, it is quiet so that you can ride at high speeds without having to use earplugs.

    What about ventilation? Again, the Duke leaves nothing to be desired.

    It has vents on the chin and forehead to provide good ventilation and air circulation inside.

    Its features make Caberg Duke one of the best modular helmets on the market.

    Airoh J106 modular helmet


    The Airoh J106 modular helmet is a high-quality product with a unique style.

    It has a different fit than other helmets, so only some motorcyclists might like it.

    It is a lightweight modular helmet (thanks to its 1387 grams), which translates into a feeling of freedom while riding, especially when using the J106 in its open-face configuration.

    Despite its thin thermoplastic shell and thin padding, the soundproofing works, and this modular helmet is quiet.

    Some noise seeps in from the upper air intakes, but overall I consider it the best soundproof and lightweight modular helmet.

    Factors to consider before buying a modular helmet

    Modular helmets have many advantages. From safety to appearance, they excel in all departments. However, it would be best to consider these crucial factors before buying a modular helmet.


    Modular helmets are designed with a chin guard that raises and lowers according to the rider’s needs. However, riding with the chin guard raised is not recommended, as the hinge is weak and could break in case of an accident. Be sure to buy a sturdy helmet that can provide a safe ride even in difficult times, and be sure, when riding at high speeds, to remember to ride with the chin guard down and firmly locked in place.


    Modular helmets are usually the most comfortable helmets. The option to raise and lower the chin guard according to your needs gives them an advantage over other helmets. Most of these helmets offer an excellent level of convenience, but you need to ensure that the selected helmet is built to meet your needs. The helmet should contain a sun visor to allow you to ride in the sun without any problem. In addition, the ventilation system should be designed so that the right amount of air gets inside the helmet while riding. Once you have verified that your helmet has all these features, you can proceed with your purchase.

    Design and aesthetics

    Most riders want a safe and nice helmet. In these cases, your helmet should have a stylish design to ensure that it fits your style perfectly. There are helmets with unique designs (one example is the Shark Raw I mentioned earlier) and eye-catching graphics. The choice is yours.

    Bluetooth modular helmet

    As technology progresses, motorcycle helmets have become more and more innovative. One of the latest innovations is the motorcycle intercom. Some helmets are now equipped with Bluetooth technology, which allows the rider to answer phone calls while on the road. However, I do not recommend a helmet with a built-in Bluetooth device. Still, I prefer to purchase a separate intercom so that you can replace it whenever you want without necessarily having to replace the helmet. Read the ranking of the best 2022 motorcycle intercoms.


    Here we come to the end of this guide on the best 2022 modular helmets.

    If you are unsure what size to buy, take a look at the guide on helmet sizes.

    If you want to know more, also read the best 2022 full-face helmets ranking.

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