Compatible Intercoms with My Triumph System

    Which intercoms are compatible with the My Triumph system?

    Many of you asked us what is the best compatible intercom with the My Triumph system.

    So, we immediately began to work and asked the most famous manufacturers to advise us which intercoms were compatible with this system.

    Here are all their answers.

    Sena Intercoms

    Sena reply: As for compatibility, all Sena devices are compatible with Triumph, for an optimal experience, however, we recommend using a communication system that is at least bluetooth 4.1 and has the option HD Audio Multitasking as, for example 20S EVO (the SMH series is the line of our first models and have Bluetooth 3.0, these also work but you lose some possibilities such as multitasking audio and hardware itself is more dated so the earphones also have a lower quality).

    Not all Triumph TFTs have the option to connect with a default intercom, depending on the model but there is a Triumph Bluetooth Module that can be purchased and installed on your bike.

    If the Bluetooth Module is installed the first thing to do is to connect the intercom to Triumph in phone pairing mode, once the communication system is connected you must pair your phone to your bike, making sure there is no direct connection between intercom and phone.

    > thus, it is the opposite of the usual procedure where you first pair the phone and then intercom.

    Using the “My Triumph” app the user can then also schedule tracks, select one from those in the app and use it as a navigator.


    Midland Intercoms

    Midland reply: We had the chance to test the Bluetooth system on the Triumph Scambler 1200. Here are the results:

    • BTGo Uni/Jet music/calls/intercom compatible
    • BT Mini music/calls/intercom compatible
    • BT Pro & Pro S music/calls/intercom compatible

    Just one thing to point out:

    • Regarding the Scrambler 1200 XC, if you receive a call – no matter if you use iPhone or Android as a phone, a Midland /Sena /Cardo as a headset – the call gets immediately rejected by the system.
    • With 1200 XE, however, this did not happen.

    Maybe on the XE there was a more updated software version, but we do not know it.

    Cellular Line Interphone Intercoms

    Interphone reply: My Triumph isn’t tested so we do not know if there are any problems.

    Generally, however, we have no particular recommendation to give you, and when they don’t work often it’s because:

    • the various bike manufacturers’ systems are still full of bugs.
    • – the user does not pair their devices correctly; the most common error is, for example, pairing the smartphone with both TFT and intercom. Each device must be connected only to the TFT, with the exception of the intercom, which in the case of rider and passenger must obviously be paired with each other, since the TFT does not have the intercom feature..

    Cardo Intercoms

    Cardo reply: not received

    N-Com Intercoms

    N-Com reply: We have never tested Triumph’s system, but it is likely to operate like one of the other audio systems we have tested – at least its pairing modes..

    Bottom Line

    Well, as you can see there are still a few uncertainties about compatibility between the My Triumph system and the various intercoms.

    However, this article is constantly being updated. As soon as we have something new, we will post it here.

    If you have any questions please leave a comment below and I will try to get back to you within 24 hours.

    A warm goodbye,

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