Nolan N-Com: Full Review of the N-Com Intercom B902L

    Nolan N-Com B902L

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    I tested the new Nolan N-com B902L R intercom, and this is my full review, where I will share its features, prices, and my opinion with you.

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    Nolan N-Com B902L R: Full review

    N-Com B902L R is the top-of-the-line motorcycle intercom from the all-Italian brand Nolan Group.

    The N-Com intercom family is the Bluetooth communication system line designed for Nolan, X-Lite, and Grex helmets.


    Why choose the N-Com B902L R Bluetooth intercom

    N-Com B902L R is a motorcycle intercom that allows intercom (i.e., one-to-one) and conference communication between up to 4 users.

    Its maximum range is 700m.

    Therefore, it is an ideal device for those who are used to sharing their motorcycle rides with friends or partners.

    With N-Com B902LR you will be able to:

    • Share music with your passenger
    • manage incoming and outgoing calls
    • get directions from your navigation system
    • share calls with your passenger
    • listen to FM radio with RDS
    • connect universally, even with intercoms from other brands

    The advantage of an N-Com device over a universal motorcycle intercom is that it is designed to fit perfectly on specific helmet models: in this case, Nolan Group helmets.

    This translates into a complete and seamless integration in terms of space and accommodation between helmet and intercom (see, for example, accommodations for headset or control unit), leading to a perfect symbiosis between helmet and motorcycle intercom.

    This level of “tailor-made” integration is difficult to achieve for all those universal models; of course, it has its pros and cons.

    Because, on the one hand, if you have a compatible Nolan Group helmet your intercom will fit better, offering benefits such as aerodynamics, smaller footprint on the shell, and more even weight distribution.

    On the other hand, with universal motorcycle intercoms, you will have, above all, greater mounting flexibility on virtually all types of helmets.

    Looking at it, I can see that aesthetically it is certainly not one of the prettiest intercoms. However, it is still a device with small outer shell size, it is very slim, simple and user-friendly, as are its buttons, which, even with gloves, remain easy to find.

    The feel, on the other hand, could be better. When pressing the buttons, the perception of build quality could be better.

    It is definitely faster and more straightforward to install than a universal intercom. Should you experience any problem, Nolan has made tutorials to help you install it very easily.

    Very interesting, on the other hand, is the LED light integrated into the intercom, which, when plugged into the appropriate rear location on the shell of a Nolan helmet, serves as an emergency light in case of abrupt deceleration.

    The light will flash signaling danger to those following you, increasing your visibility.

    This light can be used in two other ways to increase your visibility – fixed or intermittent, depending on the conditions you encounter along your way.

    You will always know what mode your intercom is running, thanks to voice status announcements. Also, through the specific N-Com Easyset app, which you can download on Android and Apple devices, you can adjust your intercom parameters at any time with just a few clicks.

    And if you own a Honda, Harley, BMW, Ducati or KTM, Nolan Group claims compatibility of N-Com B902L R, with their multimedia/Bluetooth systems.

    What you will find in the box

    Inside the box of the N-Com B902L R intercom you will find:

    • Intercom N-Com B902L R
    • a boom microphone
    • microphone sponge
    • mounting accessories
    • Allen wrench
    • battery charger
    • mini USB cable


    The maximum range of the top-of-the-line N-Com B902L R intercom is 700m.

    As for all other intercoms, this value can be reached in open spaces with no obstacles.


    Its audio quality is good, although both to the eye and to the touch its build quality had not entirely convinced me – its audio feedback did.

    Good phone conversations and music playback, though not top-notch.

    Excellent performance at high-speed: this intercom holds up well to speeds of 110 to 120 km/h.

    As always, the type and soundproofing of your helmet plays a key role, as well as the bike you ride.

    Battery life

    The battery of this top-of-the-line lasts 15 hours of use and 23 days on standby.

    A battery life that can satisfy any rider.

    Main features and functions

    • Audio quality: good up to 110-120 km/h
    • Automatic volume adjustment: no
    • Communication range: 700m
    • Number of connected users: 4
    • Communication type: Conference
    • Battery life: 15h talk time, up to 23 days standby time
    • Charging time: n.d.
    • A2DP/AVRCP: yes
    • Music Sharing: yes
    • FM radio: yes, with 6 slots for saving stations, RDS, automatic scan or manual selection
    • Voice announcements: yes
    • Bluetooth Technology: 4.1
    • iOS and Android app: yes
    • Motorcycle Bluetooth system compatibility: Honda, Harley Davidson, BMW, Ducati and KTM
    • Waterproof: n.d

    Pros and Cons


    • 15h battery life
    • conference communication for up to 4 users
    • seamless integration with the helmet
    • emergency and warning light
    • music sharing
    • Compatibility with multimedia/Bluetooth systems of major motorcycle manufacturers


    • somewhat limited range for a top-of-the-line
    • cannot be installed on other types of helmets
    • not cheap
    • lack of automatic volume adjustment
    • no IP67 certification

    Who is Nolan N-Com B902L R aimed at?

    It is certainly aimed at all riders who possess a Nolan helmet, and all those looking for a new Bluetooth intercom system that integrates perfectly with their future helmet.

    It is undoubtedly more suitable for those riders who like to share their trips with friends so they can communicate and enjoy the roads together.

    It also winks at all motorcycle safety-conscious people with its LED warning light that can be installed directly on the helmet.

    Nolan N-Com B902L R opinions

    We collected some opinions of people who have already purchased Nolan N-Com B902L R on Amazon.

    Here they are:

    I purchased this intercom for my Nolan N100-5 helmet, and I must admit I was extremely pleased with it!

    Amazon customer, 5 stars on Amazon


    Being Nolan’s dedicated intercom, installing it was quick and easy, especially with the help of online videos, and everything was designed to make it fit perfectly on the helmet. The audio, at medium volume, is already very powerful and, above all, very crystal clear. The microphone works great and is not annoying at all. The nice thing about this intercom is that it can be paired with so many others from different brands, and it always works great (tested with my wife’s and 3 friends). The radio feature that tracks the frequency as you move around is worthy of a mention. A truly excellent product! Recommended to all Nolan helmet owners.

    Amazon customer, 5 stars on Amazon


    Excellent product, perfectly compatible with Nolan N44 helmet. The recipient can hear your voice well (tested with a real phone call). Absolutely non-invasive and has a lovely design. Intuitive button pad and logic. Recommended.

    Amazon customer, 5 stars on Amazon


    N-Com B902L R price

    The price of this intercom is higher than that of its direct with similar functions, making it quite expensive.

    However, we are confident that this is a device to strongly consider for those seeking the ultimate in helmet/intercom integration.

    Intercom N-Com B902L R Instructions

    N-Com is specially designed for the following helmet types:

    • Nolan N100-5
    • Nolan N104/EVO/ABSOLUTE
    • Nolan N87
    • Nolan N70-2 GT/X
    • Nolan N44/EVO
    • Nolan N40/FULL/-5 GT/-5

    You can find tutorials for fitting Nolan helmets here:


    Here we come to the end of the Nolan N-Com B902L R motorcycle intercom review.

    I hope I have clarified all your doubts and given you the best advice.

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