SBS Viper Mono Headset: Full Review

    SBS Viper

    If you are a biker and you’re looking for an intercom with basic features to make your ride more comfortable, but you don’t like devices with too many features, bulky and with many buttons, I suggest you to continue reading this article.

    You might find the right intercom for you!


    SBS Viper Mono Headset: Full Review

    SBS Viper is an intercom that changes the rules of the game in the intercom world.

    Let’s see why.

    Why choose SBS Viper Mono Headset

    Instead of focusing on a plethora of features, space and fitting time, SBS Viper focuses on being compact, lightweight, with essential features and easy to fit and move from one helmet to another.

    Obviously it is recommended only to a certain type of bikers who have certain needs, for example you can not communicate with any other rider or even with your passenger.

    Let’s see why you should choose it:

    • Thanks to Multipoint technology it can connect to two bluetooth devices simultaneously
    • Can play your favorite songs
    • Can manage both incoming and outgoing calls
    • You can mount it on all the lower bases of the helmet choosing the position that suits you best or even the collar of your jacket / biker suit.
    • Thanks to the Anti Wind Noise technology the background wind rustling will be eliminated.

    SBS Viper is also an IPX4 certified waterproof motorcycle intercom that is splash-proof, so you will have peace of mind in case you encounter rain on your route.

    As for the design, considering that it has the helmet attachment combined in a single body to the control unit, it is compact and the buttons are easily identifiable..

    What you will find in the box

    Inside the SBS Viper box you will find:

    • SBS Viper Intercom
    • An adjustable microphone
    • An earphone
    • USB Micro USB


    Not being designed to communicate with other users, SBS Viper does not offer any range.


    SBS Viper, since it has only one earphone, will have a lower audio performance compared to its competitors with double earphone.

    The quality of the single speaker, however, is good and will allow you to hear your callers clearly.

    Battery life

    The battery life of the SBS Viper is up to 10 hours of use and 100 hours of standby time..

    Main characteristics and features

    • Audio quality: good up to 100 km/h
    • Range: –
    • Number of connected users: –
    • Communication type: –
    • Battery life: up to 10h talk time, up to 100h standby time
    • Charge time: –
    • A2DP/AVRCP: si
    • Song Sharing: –
    • Automatic volume:: –
    • Tecnologia VOX: –
    • iOS and Android app: –
    • Waterproof: yes (IPX4 certification)

    Pros & Cons


    • lightweight and compact
    • quick and easy installation
    • music playback
    • option to connect up to 2 phones


    • one earphone
    • having few keys, you must remember various key combinations and pressing times for the various functions
    • no communication options with other intercoms

    Who it is intended for

    SBS Viper is aimed at those looking for a handy intercom, easy to install and dismount, with essential features.

    I think it is good for all those who use their bike or scooter to go to work and move around the city, who need to be on call and who don’t want to get fines because they place their phone in their helmet.


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