Sena 10C Pro: Full Review of this Intercom with Camera

    Sena 10C Pro

    Did you know that this Sena intercom that can record videos?

    Do you want more information about its features and prices?

    Well, you’ve come to the right place.

    I am Filippo from, and in this article, I will cover the Sena 10C Pro, the only intercom that can record videos.

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    Sena 10C Pro: Full review

    If you are a rider and like record the best moments of your trips to make a video reel or a motorcycle vlog to share on YouTube, you will surely travel with a Go-pro (or some other action cam), and an intercom or microphone mounted to your helmet, right?

    Traveling with too many devices certainly ruins the riding experience since you always have to keep up with one or the other, check the battery, balance the weights on your helmet, plug them in for charging, and so on.

    Sena has solved these problems by integrating video and audio into one device: the Sena 10C Pro.

    I tested it, and I will tell you about our impressions in this article.

    Why Choose the Sena 10C Pro

    10C Pro is one of Sena’s top-of-the-line intercoms, which goes into the high end in terms of features and price.

    The reasons why you should choose the 10C Pro are as follows:

    • records video
    • is a reliable intercom
    • the audio quality is excellent
    • Allows communication with 4 users
    • It has a wide range (1.6km)

    Read on to find out all the features and opinions of the new Sena 10C Pro.


    Sena 10C Pro is a high-end device that allows you to:

    • making and receiving phone calls
    • listen to music and GPS directions
    • listen to the radio
    • record video in high quality

    It features HD video quality (144p/30fps or 1080p 30/60fps) with a resolution of 3.7MP (16:9). It comes with Smart Audio Mix technology, which allows audio from the intercom and music from the smartphone to be mixed directly into the video.

    This way, you will avoid later editing the audio you recorded with the images you filmed.

    It also lets you preview your videos directly from the Sena Camera app (available for Android or iOS) via built-in Wi-Fi, and even instantly download files.

    In addition to the video app, downloading the Sena Headset app will allow you to set all the parameters of the intercom.

    During our tests, we evaluated the intercom positively in terms of audio and video quality.

    Read on to find out more.

    What you will find in the box

    Inside the box of the 10C Pro you will find:

    • a 10c Pro module
    • wand and wired microphone
    • speakers
    • Several foam pads for the microphone and speakers.
    • power cord

    Unfortunately, the Micro SD is not included.


    Sena 10C Pro allows you to communicate with up to 3 users within a range of 1.6km.

    I tried to communicate between Sena (30K) and Sena (10C Pro), and communication was always stable and never interrupted, even riding along roads with obstacles.

    The range is quite faithful to what Sena stated.


    I tested the intercom with a full-face helmet and can say that the audio quality is excellent, up to about 130 km/h, similar to the Sena 30K and 20S Evo.

    Factors that can significantly affect you are your vehicle’s aerodynamic protection and your helmet’s soundproofing capabilities.

    The better these are, the easier you will be able to communicate.

    What about music?

    Don’t worry; the earbuds are loud and will allow you to enjoy your favorite playlists on your runs.

    Battery life

    The battery lasts up to 17 hours with the intercom in use, and up to 2 hours with audio/video recording turned on.

    After about 90 minutes of video recording, the voice message warning me that the battery was almost low came on, and after about 2 hours, the intercom turned off.

    From what are my experiences, 2 hours is a good shooting time (even my Go Pro did not go that far).

    Main features and functions

    Intercom features

    • Audio quality: good up to 80 mph
    • Communication distance: up to 1.6 km in open, interference-free spaces
    • Number of connected users: up to 4
    • Battery life: up to 17 hours of use (up to 2 of video recording)
    • Charging time: 3.5 hours
    • Universal intercom: yes
    • Music sharing: yes
    • Automatic volume adjustment: yes
    • Voice messages: yes
    • Helmet compatibility: universal
    • Waterproof: yes
    • FM radio: yes with RDS AF, 10 stations slots and an automatic scan feature (76-108 Hz).
    • Bluetooth: 4.1.
    • Compatibility with TFT systems: KTM MyRide (more info here) and BMW (more info here)
    • Wind Noise Suppression: Yes (Advanced Noise Control), SBC Codec, extensive volume control, and 48 kHz sampling rate (DAC).

    Video Features

    • Resolution: 1440p/30fps, 1080p/60fps or 1080p/30fps
    • Lens aperture radius: 135 degrees
    • Aperture f/2.0
    • Photo: 3.7 MP (16/9)
    • Time-lapse mode: single shot every 1 or 10 seconds
    • Micro SD: not included, but there is the possibility of inserting a memory card of max size 64 GB

    Pros and Cons


    • Can record up to 2h of footage
    • 1.6km range
    • Good audio quality
    • Ease of use


    • Not cheap
    • The app has a little problem now and then
    • Doesn’t have the “super” video quality of the latest action cams
    • Micro SD not included

    To whom it is addressed

    I would recommend Sena 10c Pro if you are rider with a passion for video or a motorcycle vlogger who likes to record the moments he spends riding their bike and then share or relive them later.

    Instead, I would advise against it if you are looking for an inexpensive device or an intercom only for urban travel.

    Sena 10C Pro instructions

    Despite being rather bulky, the Sena 10C Pro can be easily installed on any helmet.

    Find out how to install Sena 10C Pro on your helmet.


    Sena 10C Pro manual

    Click here to download a free instruction manual for the Sena 10C Pro Bluetooth intercom.


    The Sena 10C Pro is a great device for those who like to record and share all their motorcycle rides.

    It is a well-built intercom (as are all other Sena intercoms), with excellent audio and video quality.

    In short, if you want to record your trips and get rid of the Go Pro, Sena 10C Pro is the device that can do it for you.

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