Sena SF4: my Full Review (with Prices and Opinions)

    Sena SF4

    Are you looking for a new intercom for your motorcycle, and have you heard about Sena SF4?

    Before you buy, would you like to get more information about features and prices?

    Well, you just found the right article.

    If you don’t know me, let me introduce myself, my name is Filippo from – motorcycle enthusiast and intercom expert. In this article, you will find my full review of the Sena SF4 motorcycle intercom and the link to buy it online at the absolute best price.

    Read on to find out more.

    Sena SF4: review

    When I first got on a motorcycle, I was a real anti-intercom.

    I didn’t feel like answering the phone, listening to music, or anything else; I just wanted to enjoy the ride and listen to the engine’s sound.

    However, after a few years, I started to need it, and since I tried the first one, I couldn’t live without it anymore.

    Since then, I have tested virtually every headset available, and today I am here to tell you about the latest release of 2019: the Sena SF4.

    Let’s have a look at all of its features.

    Why choose Sena SF4

    The Sena SF4 motorcycle intercom is a complete, compact, and efficient device in terms of battery and footprint, taking up very little space on the helmet.

    It is easy to install, provides outstanding sound quality, and, compared to most of its very large and bulky competitors, is also stylish.

    Let’s start right away with its basic features.

    The intercom allows you to:

    • Communicate between 4 users within a radius of 1.2 km
    • answer and make phone calls
    • listen to the radio and your favorite playlists and share them with your passenger
    • Recharge the intercom quickly via the fast-charging system

    It is obviously a universal device (which can be installed on any type of helmet), reliable, and waterproof (with IP67 certification).

    What you will find in the box

    Inside the package of the Sena SF4 you will find:

    • SF4 control unit
    • Clamp-on helmet mount kit, with boom microphone and dual headset.
    • USB charging and upgrade cable
    • adhesive helmet mount
    • earphone pads
    • Velcro straps for earphones
    • microphone sponges

    Range of action

    The range of the Sena device reaches 1.2 km, which is not bad considering that the price is lower than a top-of-the-line device.


    With only three large buttons that are easy to reach even with winter gloves, using the SF4 is a breeze.

    The front and back buttons control the volume, while the one in the middle allows you to operate different functions depending on how long or with what combination you press it.

    This is a sleek, beautiful device and much less bulky than most competitors, a feature that makes it perfect for those who want an intercom with a discreet design.


    I tested the intercom one Sunday in April in the countryside near my hometown of Genoa.

    With the whistling of the wind and the roar of my BMW GS, I expected to hardly be able to speak, although the device boasted an advanced noise-canceling function.

    After all, I was wearing a lightweight helmet that was not sound-absorbing.

    Surprisingly, the intercom performed very well: the audio was perfectly stable, and the automatic noise cancellation function worked as expected.

    Undaunted, I tried to increase speed again. On the way back to the highway, I reached 130km/h and… nothing: again, the earphones worked excellently.

    Battery life

    The battery lasts up to 13 hours and features a fast charging system.

    Before getting on my bike, I fully charged the battery on my test day.

    The entire charging process took less than 2 hours, confirming Sena’s claim that 30 minutes is equivalent to 4 hours of battery life.

    Main features and functions

    • Audio quality: very good up to 120-130 km/h
    • Communication distance: 1,200 m
    • Number of connected users: 4
    • Communication type: one-to-one intercom up to 4 people, conference up to 4 people
    • Battery life: up to 13 hours of use
    • Charging time: 1.5/2 hours (fast-charging system: 4 hours of battery life in 30 minutes of charging)
    • Universal intercom: yes
    • FM radio: yes
    • Music sharing: yes
    • Automatic volume adjustment: yes
    • Voice messages: yes
    • Helmet compatibility: Universal
    • Compatibility with BMW TFT system: yes (more info here)
    • Waterproof: yes
    • Bluetooth: 4.1
    • Audio multitasking: no, but the device has audio overlay (when you receive a communication, music or other functions are not interrupted but do not go down in volume)
    • Smartphone app: yes

    Pros and Cons


    • Option to communicate with 4 users
    • Music sharing
    • High audio quality
    • Elegant and discreet design
    • Audio overlay


    • Battery life is good but not optimal when compared to some competitors

    To whom it is addressed

    I recommend Sena SF4 to all aesthetically conscious motorcyclists looking for a reliable, stylish, quality device.

    The HD earbuds‘ high audio quality and various features make Sena SF4 a good value-for-money device.

    Sena SF4: instructions

    The intercom is very easy to install on any helmet, even the “edgy” ones.

    Below is some info on how to install the intercom on the helmet.


    Sena SFR

    Sena SFR is a device with the same functions as the SF4 but with a completely revised design and is very similar to the old SMH10R.

    Unlike the SF4, which is attached via a clip, the R version sticks directly onto the helmet, making it thinner and ideal for those looking for an almost invisible device.

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