Sena SMH5: Full Review with Price and Opinions

    Sena SMH5

    Today we would like to cover a part of SMH series intercoms from Sena, a company that manufactures excellent communication systems

    We will tell you about one of the best-selling Sena intercoms in Italy, the Sena SMH5.

    Let’s learn the strengths and weaknesses of each device.

    Sena SMH5: Full review with price and opinions

    Why Choose Sena SMH5

    The Sena SMH5 family is the low-end series from the American manufacturer. The design of the control unit, with its characteristic selection wheel, is simple and intuitive, given even its limited features compared to other models.

    With this device, you will be able to cover your main needs on the motorcycle, such as:

    • making and receiving calls
    • receive directions from the GPS
    • Connect your smartphone to play your favorite music
    • Communicate with one or more passengers depending on the model chosen

    This device is equipped with an advanced noise suppression system, and voice prompts, which tell you the selected functions.

    Also, it is a universal device that can communicate with other intercoms of different brands.

    The Sena SMH5 FM version also offers the option to receive radio directly from the intercom without going through the phone.

    What you will find in the box

    Inside the package of the Sena SMH5 you will find:

    • one or two ECUs (depending on whether you choose the single or twin version)
    • “clamp” attachments
    • earphones
    • boom microphones
    • wired microphones
    • USB charging and upgrade cables
    • mounting plates
    • sponges for microphones
    • velcro supports for the earphones
    • Velcro mounts for the microphones
    • microphone stands with boom
    • supports the velcro for the microphone stand with rod
    • Allen wrench
    • replacement pads for headphones

    Range of action

    The range of Sena SMH5 is 300m, and will allow you to communicate with your passenger or another pilot.


    Audio quality is good, and although they are “low-end” intercoms, it remains excellent up to about 110-120km/h, partly due to noise suppression technology.

    As always, the rule applies that the more soundproof your helmet is, the better you will hear, and the less noise will be transmitted into the microphone.

    The voice comes across as a bit tinny, but not so much that it annoys or impairs communication, as the latter always remains fully understandable.

    The option to share your music with a passenger or another rider is worthy of mention.

    Battery life

    Battery life reaches 7 hours of use and 6 days on standby.

    2.5 hours are needed for this device to charge fully.

    Main features and functions

    • Audio quality: good up to 100-120 km/h
    • Communication distance: 400m
    • Number of connected users: 2
    • Communication type: one-to-one intercom for up to 2 people
    • Battery life: up to 7 hours of use and 7 days standby time
    • Charging time: 2.5 hours
    • Universal intercom: yes
    • FM radio: yes
    • Automatic volume control (AGC): yes
    • Voice messages: yes
    • Helmet compatibility: Universal
    • Compatibility with BMW TFT system: partial (more info here)
    • Waterproof: yes
    • Height: 69.9 mm
    • Width: 45 mm
    • Depth: 30.6 mm
    • Weight: 40g

    Pros and Cons


    • Ease of use
    • Speed and ease of assembly
    • Integrated radio
    • Music sharing


    • Battery life
    • Limited number of possible users

    To whom it is addressed

    Looking at its features, this family of intercoms is more suitable for the city and some day-trips.

    The reasonably low prices and good quality of the products make these intercoms good first purchases.

    Sena SMH5: instructions

    The Sena SMH5 family can be mounted on any type of helmet, whether full-face, modular or jet. Below you will find some mounting instructions.

    In this video you will find out how to install the Sena SMH5 on the helmet :

    In the videos below you can hear the audio quality with different types of helmets :


    How to match multiple intercoms

    In this video you will find out how to combine two or more Sena SMH5 intercoms.


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